Eastside Girl

Hair/MUA/Styling: Kelli Austin    Model: Valeria Spirko

Portland is my home. I’ve been watching her for many years. Two years away may seem like a long time but I merely blinked an eye and I’m here again. This time, and for a long time coming I know, Portland has a new face. Many new faces. New facades…new threads…new attitudes too. It’s inhabitants honk on the highways now and there are far fewer holes in everyone’s clothing, traded instead for mid-range designer watches and limited edition sneakers walking out of shiny new walk-ups built for Silicon Valley transplants.

I’ve been doing my best to stay motivated. Somedays it’s working and somedays I’m too busy trying to understand this old city with it’s brand new rules to come out on top. But I’m here, with a deep ambition injected slowly in me at every corner of the world, newly made of everything I’ve seen. And these new eyes will watch the currents of this new river I’ve always called home and when they now it’s twists and turns…I will tread.


The Shoot: These shots were taken around lower East Burnside. Many thanks to Hippo Hardware for letting us poke around with little intention to buy. I’m lucky to have such naturally talented friends in Valeria and Kelli, who are likewise driven by a creative spirit. I can’t wait to pull more from one another as time goes on.

val round 3 (1 of 1)val round 2 (34 of 58)val round 3.5 (1 of 1)val round 2 (52 of 58)Val 1.2 (1 of 1)val round 3.4 (2 of 2)val round 2 (8 of 58)Just off BurnsideVal 5 (2 of 2)val round 2 (20 of 58)val round 2 (45 of 58)val round 2 (55 of 58)

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