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Portland, Oregon native with an unrivaled wanderlust. I’ve just returned to Portland from a fruitful two years on the road where I got to actualize¬†many photo projects¬†everywhere from Amsterdam to Beijing. I started my photography business in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam where I still keep a secondary base and have worked for clients from all over the world.


After 19+ imbedded in the music world, I found myself desiring a new creative medium. I started seriously documenting my creative mind via digital photography in 2014. Prassede Kemp Photography was born in 2016.

Other passions include Guitar, Italian (fluent), travel (clearly), intergenerational trauma and refugee aid. I’m currently looking to fund an photo expose on the effect of humanitarian aid marketing and photography on the the psycho-social wellbeing of Syrian/Afghan refugees in exodus. My dream is to provide refugee families in asylum camps the opportunity of family portraiture that displays them as they would like to be seen – with dignity.


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